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Why we are the best

The benefits of our school being only for Grade 0 includes that every decision made, every piece of equipment bought, every outing we do is age appropriate and specifically for the Grade 0 child. There are no ‘little ones’ to distract the children, and no bigger children to bully them.

The staff and teachers of Mondeor Community School are a group of dedicated, passionate people that are all aware of the fact that at our school, the needs of the child always come first. Being a child centered environment ensures that everything we do is always done in a nurturing, encouraging way. Classes are kept small (max 22 per class) to ensure that individual attention can be given.

We always aim to create a secure and happy environment that provides opportunities to educate the whole child. We aim to develop the child physically, intellectually, cognitively, creatively, socially and emotionally. Our trained staff help create the right environment to meet the individual needs of each child. Learning can only take place when the child feels confident and happy in school.

The children learn social skills which are vital for interactions in class and on the playground. They have a chance to mature emotionally and learn to respect others needs. We put great emphasis on the development of large and fine motor skills. The children are encouraged to experiment and explore the wonderful climbing equipment that we have in our school. They are exposed to movement lessons which encourage them to climb, skip, run or balance. These exercises develop and strengthen muscles giving the child the opportunities to enhance their gross motor skills. These skills are needed to help a child sit at a desk and work. They also help develop visual perception skills that form the basis of reading and writing. Fine motor skills are extended daily as the children participate in art activities, build with construction toys or manipulate small equipment. The curriculum lays the foundation for reading, writing, life skills and numeracy and also includes science and nature activities.

We believe that your child’s needs are met by the all inclusive curriculum at our school. For this reason we do not have outside service providers coming into the school to do extracurricular activities with the children. The only exception to this rule is swimming lessons as these are seen as a life skill that we cannot provide. Swimming lessons are offered as an optional extra during school time.