About us

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We offer top class education in a nurturing environment. Our curriculum is fully Compliant with the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) for Grade 0. We will ensure that your little one is fully exposed to all the learning areas and skills required for Grade 1.

Why we are the best

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The benefits of our school being only for Grade 0 includes that every decision made, every piece of equipment bought, every outing we do is age appropriate and specifically for the Grade 0 child. There are no ‘little ones’ to distract the children, and no bigger children to bully them.

Our caring staff

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The dedicated and passionate staff and teachers of Mondeor Community School are all aware of the fact that at our school, the needs of the child always come first. Being a child centered environment ensures that everything we do is always done in a nurturing, encouraging way.

Resources for you and your child

For the latest news on Early Childhood Development and other important information, please go to our Resources page